B-13. Zones Review Committee Report
  1. in accordance with RI Bylaws section 13.010.4. requiring the Board to periodically review the composition of zones to maintain an approximately equal number of Rotarians in each zone, agrees to realign the 34 zones as shown in Exhibit B-13-a; 

  2. requests the general secretary to post the new zones structure at www.rotary.org so that districts and clubs have an opportunity to review the adjusted zones; 

  3. establishes the implementation schedule for changeover to the new zones structure shown in Exhibit B-13-b; 

  4. requests the Zones Review Committee to consider other issues attendant to a revised zones structure and its implementation, such as sectioning, zone pairing, and director election rotation, for report to the Board at its June 2017 meeting; 

  5. requests the Trustee chairman to appoint a liaison Trustee to work with the Zones Review Committee on the items listed in point 4. above. 

Directors Rattanavich and Saito requested that their no votes be recorded. Vice-President Jones abstained from voting on this item.