Is there a map ready that will show the new boundaries you could send us?  
Site map showing the proposed changes is on the Zone Maps page of the Zone 28/29 website. Click here to view proposed zone maps
Will Zone 29 districts still elect an RI board member for a term starting July 1 2019? 
The new zones structure and implementation schedule do not affect the 2017‐18 nominating committees meeting this September. The districts currently in Zone 29 should proceed with electing their representatives to the nominating committee that will select a director‐nominee from the current Zone 29 this September. The new zones will first be used for selecting members of the nominating committees that will meet in 2018‐19. 
What Zone will the new Zone 26 be paired with for future directors? 
This has yet to be determined. 
How will the increased costs to districts to attend a Zone meeting be reconciled?  
This is an issue that will need to be reviewed and discussed by all affected districts.  
Will the alignment also address the issue of the large discrepancy in the number of Rotarians per district? 
The zone realignment will not affect the number of members or clubs in a district. See more at: