Click here to download a copy of the 2018 One Rotary Team Contacts

Under the leadership of the Rotary International Director, and The Rotary Foundation Trustee (when applicable), all Zone Coordinators and Assistant Zone Coordinators serve the Rotarians in our 28 Districts in Zones 28-29. As a team, the Coordinators present One Rotary in a collaborative effort to promote and ensure stronger Rotary Clubs.


Your Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator (RRFC) and Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinators (ARRFC) serve as key resources on all Rotary Foundation-related topics, including grants and grants management, fundraising, and programs such as Polio Plus and the Rotary Peace Centers. The RRFC and ARRFCs are teamed with an Endowment/Major Gifts Advisor (EMGA) and an End Polio Now Coordinator (EPNC) in service and support for each Zone.

In addition these very experienced and knowledgeable leaders: Encourage Rotarians to continue to support Polio Plus – the highest priority for Rotary International; Support Districts and Clubs in their Rotary Foundation fundraising efforts - especially contributions to the Annual Fund; and they assist the District leadership teams in educating District and Club leaders with regard to Rotary Foundation Grants.

In an effort to support those we serve, your RRFCs and ARRFCs have access to a team of Rotary Foundation staff experts in fund raising, grants, scholarships, and humanitarian service projects which will help you achieve your District and Club priorities and goals, in support of Rotary International’s strategic plan. These Regional Coordinators and advisers serve as trainers and consultants at District or Multi-District Seminars, Rotary Institutes, Governor-elect Training Seminars (GETS), regional meetings, and District seminars. We are anxious to serve with you and look forward to hearing from you.


The End Polio Now Coordinators (EPNC) serve as the bridge between The Rotary Foundation Trustees and District leadership regarding matters relating to Rotary’s signature program and greatest challenge – End Polio Now. The EPNC is teamed with the RRFCs, ARRFCs and the E/MGA, in service and support for each Zone. The role of the EPNC is to provide information, resources and support District polio leaders teams; manage matters related to the polio eradication effort; encourage District Leadership teams to support eradication efforts through regular communications; review and share status reports with Districts. They serve as a constant reminder to District leadership on the importance of continuing aggressive support for Rotary’s only active history-making project.

The credibility of Rotary International, the World Health Organization, UNICEF and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, all rest on the successful completion of this most important program. In order for the EPNC to meet the purpose stated above, the Zone Coordinators would ask that they be provided adequate time on the program agenda at Governors-elect Training Seminar (GETS) and Zone Institutes. District Leadership is asked to provide time during their respective Presidents-elect Training Seminar (PETS) for the District PolioPlus/End Polio Now Chairs and, where desired, to provide time for the EPNC. We are available to you at any time.


Endowment/Major Gifts Advisors (E/MGA) are available to serve as a resource for Rotary Foundation major gifts ($10,000 and above) and Endowment Fund matters as they work with District leaders to identify and cultivate significant gifts to The Rotary Foundation. E/MGAs are willing to help educate Rotarians and non-Rotarians on major giving and Rotary Foundation initiatives. They are prepared to attend and participate in regional meetings and District seminars and work closely with our Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinators, Rotary Foundation Trustees and Fund Development staff. Please let us know how we can help you.


The Zones 28-29 Rotary Coordinator (RC) and Assistant Rotary Coordinator (ARC) teams are a resource available to assist District Leadership and Rotary Clubs in an effort to support and strengthen Clubs, including membership attraction and engagement. Your RC and ARC are available to assist as trainers and resources in Governor-elect Training Seminars (GETS), Zone Institutes and Presidents-elect Training Seminar (PETS) and regional and District Seminars. Please let us know how we can help your Districts and Clubs.


Rotary Public Image Coordinators (RPIC) and Assistant Rotary Public Image Coordinators (ARPIC) provide enhanced information, public relations and marketing assistance to Clubs and Districts. Your PRIC and ARPIC are available to help train Rotarians to tell their stories to media, local government, communities, civic leaders and similar entities. RPICs and ARPICs serve as trainers, motivators, coaches, counselors and resource people. They also assist at Rotary Institutes, Governor-elect Training Seminars (GETS), and other Zone-level meetings. Please contact your RPIC or ARPIC for assistance in getting the word out about the good work of Rotary.