This past September at the Motor City Zone we had the pleasure of meeting and hearing from Princess Zebu Jilani of Swat Valley. Just a few weeks ago her village and many surrounding it were struck by a massive 8.1 earthquake. Several people were killed, many were injured and countless numbers lost everything. Please see this most recent correspondence from Rotarian Zebu requesting aid. Anything your clubs and districts can do to help will be most greatly appreciated.

Warmest, Jennifer

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“Our staff, after surveying the villages we work in, reported: 40 deaths, 250 injured, 1,400 houses damaged or destroyed and 4,300 families affected.

SWAT Valley Relief Initiative (SRI) is leading coordination efforts with the Government and other non-profits working in the area to ensure that the immediate as well as long term needs of the earthquake victims are met, and that our combined efforts target those who have been affected by this tragedy. By utilizing funds in the most efficient manner, we are making sure that all those who have been injured, lost family members and homes are rehabilitated in a holistic manner.

SRI's major efforts will concentrate on rebuilding houses that have been damaged or destroyed by the earthquake. Even though tents have been provided to those who have lost homes, the cold weather in this mountainous region in setting in very fast, and we are afraid that many vulnerable people, especially children, pregnant and lactating mothers and the elderly will be in great danger, if exposed to the elements without a roof over their heads.

We appeal to all Rotarians to help us with this rehabilitation effort as soon as possible, so we can take immediate action to get women and children out of imminent danger.

In our villages alone there are 221 pregnant and lactating mothers and 2,000 children who have lost their homes.

Please find attached pictures taken by our staff of the earthquake damage, a list of pregnant and lactating mothers from one village (Shaheen Abad), a list of damaged houses and a flyer. If you need more information please let me know.

We would really appreciate it, if you could forward this plea to as many Rotary Clubs as possible, so we can try to save the lives of as many, women, children and elderly, as we can.

I would really appreciate any help from you.”

Best regards, Zebu